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Town Lot 46

Mouat Street, between High and Croke Streets: P&O Hotel (1901, 25 High Street).

The first owner of Lot 46 (and 45) noted by Hitchcock was Captain Walter Pace. The Paces' hotel/boarding house was on Lot 45 and they had a garden behind it, on Lot 46 in Mouat Street.

Hitchcock, writing in 1919, describing this part of Mouat Street as it was in 1869, doesn't have much to discuss:
On portion of the site of Strelitz’s Buildings there stood an old two-storied house with gable ends, and next to it was a first-class boarding house conducted by Mr. John Henderson, under the sign of ‘Auld Reekie’. The only other buildings in Mouatt-street were Stotter’s cottages, which still stand, and a small cottage which stood about midway between Croke and High-streets.

References and Links

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