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Town Lot 50

Mouat Street, between High and Croke Streets.

The first owner of Lot 50 noted by Hitchcock in 1929 was C. Cass Jnr.

Hitchcock, writing in 1919, describing this part of Mouat Street as it was in 1869, doesn't have much to discuss:
On portion of the site of Strelitz’s Buildings there stood an old two-storied house with gable ends, and next to it was a first-class boarding house conducted by Mr. John Henderson, under the sign of ‘Auld Reekie’. The only other buildings in Mouatt-street were Stotter’s cottages, which still stand, and a small cottage which stood about midway between Croke and High-streets.

References and Links

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Hitchcock, 1929.

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