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Town Lot 56

Henry Street, between High and Phillimore Streets.

The first owner of Lot 56 (and Lot 55) (as recorded by Hitchcock) was William Heard.

Lot 56, no. 1 Henry Street, is currently a Notre Dame staff car park. It was formerly the site of Lodge's Castle Hotel, which became the Fremantle Workers Club, which had the building demolished for a carpark for its members.
Next to it is the new building of NDU's building ND46: School of Health Sciences (no. 35?) Phillimore St on the corner with Henry St, on Lot 55. It was designed, like another two or three of Notre Dame's new buildings in the West End, by the firm of Marcus Collins, who died in 2015. In 1844, this was the site of Heard's boatshed, on lots 55-56.

Hitchcock 1919:
We have now come to the large three-storied building at present occupied by the Workers’ Club. This was built by a Mr Lodge for a hotel, but did not prove a financial success, being on too ambitious a scale for the times. At the time we speak of [1869] it was the private residence of Mr. W. D. Moore.

References and Links

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