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Town Lot 58

Henry Street, between High and Phillimore Streets.

The first owner of Lot 58 (as recorded by Hitchcock, 1929) was W.H. Harris.

HARRtS(S), William H, b. 1788, arr. 18.11.1831 per Jolly Rambler with family in company with Gresswell, goldsmith, m. Harriet b. 1794. Chd. William H. b. 1817, Mary Ann b. 1819, Frances Pinnerton b. 1821, John b. 1832 (WA). Goldsmith. Mentioned in 1832 Census as self-employed merchant, granted 1056 acres. By 3.12.1832 he sought passage to Capetown for wife & child John on urgent family business, but there was no ship. Dep. 16.3.1833 per Jolly Rambler for N.S.W.

Note that John Gresswell, another goldsmith, having arrived on the same ship, was granted the block next to Harris, Lot 57.

Lot 57 and 58, 3-5 Henry St, collectively known as the Quartermaine Building, 1903, are used as Power Labs office, and dwellings.

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