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Town Lot 60

Henry Street, between High and Phillimore Streets.

The first owner of Lot 60 is not recorded by Hitchcock, 1929. The Fremantle Workers had gained ownership of Lots 59 and 60 by 1956 when it built is new clubhouse on that site, moving from Lot 56 and the Lodge's Caste Hotel building. The Workers Club closed it doors at the end of 2014 and sold the building in 2015 to a developer who has since erected a four-storey blocks of flats called Social on Henry.

Hitchcock 1919:
Crossing High-street we pass the opposite corner which was vacant, and come to the residence of Mr T. W. Mews, senior, which stood well back from the street with a trellis of vines in front. It was here that the first post office was opened in 1835, Mrs. M. J. Bateman being the first post mistress. Mr. Mews arrived in the Colony with his parents by the ship Rockingham, in 1830, and could trace his pedigree back to Peter Mews, who was Bishop of Bath and Wells in 1672. On the next block was the residence of Captain Edward Back, who had held the position of pilot at Rottnest for a lengthy period in the early days. Captain Back came of seafaring stock, and was related to Admiral Sir George Back, the Arctic explorer. After his retirement from the pilot service Captain Back frequently acted as nominal master on vessels whose actual masters were for the time being, unable to comply with the new conditions under which no ship could clear from the port unless her master held a certificate of competency.
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