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Town Lots 62 and 63

SW corner of High and Henry Streets: Orient Hotel (1903) 39 High Street. It seems that a hotel was the first building on this corner. The earliest extant photo shows the two-storey Emerald Isle building there in the 1880s. Hitchcock (below) writes that it was there in 1869.

Lots 62 and 63 were granted to Henry Chidlow, who, having arrived 20 January 1830 per Minstrell, soon left again for SA (although his brother William stayed and was a successful farmer in the Northam area, and Chidlow in the Shire of Mundaring is named after him).

Hitchcock (1919, describing 1869):
On the opposite corner to Senior’s on the site now occupied by the Hotel Orient stood the Emerald Isle Hotel, owned and kept by Mrs. Marmion. She was the mother of the late W.E. Marmion, ‘Fremantle’s foremost son’ ...

The Baird building is between the two large hotels, Orient and P&O, on Lots 62 and 45. It looks to me as though the P&O takes up all of Lots 45, so that therefore the Baird building shares Lot 62 with the Orient.

References and Links

Fremantle History Centre. Look for the PDFs called:
Purchasers of Fremantle Town Lots 1829-1837
Purchasers of Fremantle Town Lots 1855-1879

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