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Town Lot 7

Cliff Street, between High Street and Croke Lane

Lots 7 and 8 were originally granted to Richard Lewis.

J.K. Hitchcock writing in 1869, recalls that, in 1869 ...
Next to Samson’s, well back from the street, was a prehistoric looking tenement occupied by Mr. John Lewis as a drapery store and dwelling. Then came the residence of Mr. James Pearce, of the ‘Herald’, which still stands with the ancient pine tree in front. This is one of the oldest houses in Fremantle, and is now used as the tramways store. To what base uses, etc.

The streetfront of lot 8 has a relic facade variously called the Liebler Building and the Reckitt & Colman facade.

References and Links

Fremantle History Centre. Look for the PDFs called:
Purchasers of Fremantle Town Lots 1829-1837
Purchasers of Fremantle Town Lots 1855-1879

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