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North Fremantle images

The photo above is from Wikipedia from a glass plate negative held by SLWA #009205PD and shows Victoria Avenue, North Fremantle (formerly Perth Road, now Queen Victoria Street) looking south towards the river and Fremantle proper, with the Town Hall on the left.

It seems that the photographer had taken another photograph a few minutes before with a large dog in the frame. This is from the glass plate negative held by SLWA #017563PD.

town hall

The former North Fremantle Town Hall 11 July 2016

The North Fremantle Town Hall in the 1940s. Photo #370 from the Fremantle Library; text:

North Fremantle Town Hall. Foundation stone laid by W.H. James K.C.M.L.A. on 3.09.1902. When North Fremantle was declared a municipality on 13.09.1895, Council met for a short time in Mason's Hall, Mason Street, North Fremantle. One year later, September 1896, a move was made to new municipal offices at the corner of John and Bruce Streets. A grey sandstone erection 25 feet by 18 feet cost 195 pounds. These premises were afterwards the Fire Station. From 1903, the Town Hall, the focal point of a busy township, catered for every aspect of human endeavour; Mason Lodge meetings, Roman Catholic balls, ratepayers meetings and, above all, for many years as a cinema. North Fremantle amalgamated with Fremantle in 1961. Note: notice board with cinema advertisements. Source: Mr S. Jones

Unveiling the War Memorial 1923, corner of Harvest Road (as seen in the photo) and Queen Victoria Street, courtesy SLWA # 111838PD (from Facebook). I'm guessing (but it's just a guess) that Izzy Orloff took the photo. His La Tosca studio was in North Fremantle at one point. Pietro Porcelli sculpted the statue of the thoughtful soldier.

rose hotel

Rose Hotel (1903?) Pensioners Rd aka John St, North Fremantle. The photo shows the corner of John St and Victoria Ave, which is now the corner of Tydeman Rd and Queen Victoria St, and looks nothing like this.

The Pearse Boot Factory in North Fremantle with Crab Bay in the foreground (where the container wharf is now).

Looking across to North Fremantle to the area originally known as Bruce Town, after Colonel John Bruce. Colonel Bruce arrived aboard the Hashemy on 24.10.1850 as Staff Officer to the Pensioner Force. The Gresham Hotel (originally the Bruce Town Hotel) can be seen in the centre background. It was delicensed in 1934.
Photograph 1062C from the Fremantle Library. Date c. 1904. Text from the Library entry. The title of the photograph is 'Point Brown'.

On the East Fremantle bank of the Swan are 15 Riverside Road, directly beyond the eastern edge of Gilbert Fraser Oval; and, to the right, the Castlemaine Brewery and Hubble and East Streets. At the right, near the West edge of the Oval is the Gresham Hotel. Corkhill Street runs across the picture in the foreground.
This was a postcard published by P Falk & Co..
Photograph 2110 from the Fremantle Library, c. 1910; photograph by P. Falk. Text from the Library entry.

Taken from an elevated position east of Corkhill St., this is the area (North Fremantle Locations 25, 75 and 130) originally known as Brucetown as the land was owned by Colonel John Bruce. Corkhill Street is to the left with Harvest Road in the foreground. Gilbert Fraser Oval is in the centre background and houses in John Street, originally Pensioner Road, are also visible. From a postcard published by Fremantle News Agents.
Photograph #2109 from the Fremantle Library, c. 1918. Text from the Library entry.

Witch Soap Factory, photograph by Izzy Orloff, c. 1925-29, courtesy SLWA # 112014PD (from Facebook).

Stirling Highway, North Fremantle, 1920s photo by La Tosca Studio (Izzy Orloff) courtesy of SLWA # 112018PD.
Fremantle Library text:
North Fremantle looking South from Leighton Crossing on Stirling Highway. Note sign for the State Implement and Engineering Works (now called State Engineering Works). Established 1913. According to "Western Australia the settlers handy pamphlet" issued by the direction of the Hon. T.H. Bath M.L.A. Minister for Lands, 1914, they were employing 600 men at the time. See: 620 Miscellany File. The North Fremantle School can be seen on the right. It was erected in 1890, and the first headmaster was Mr A.M. Cooke. In 1983 it became Australia's bail hostel. See: 370 Miscellany File.

Burford & Sons soap factory, North Fremantle, photograph by Izzy Orloff, 1923? courtesy SLWA # 111743PD (from Facebook). Heritage Council page.
Fremantle Library:
The photo was taken 1920s North Fremantle from the corner of Leslie and Thompson Roads. W.H. Burford & Sons Ltd., soap and candle manufacturers.
Occupied by Hood Sails in 1979. In 1981 recycled into luxury home units by the Lavender Bay Pty. Ltd. July 1981 storm removed the roof of the building, it was replaced and the units completed 1982.
The stone cottage was still there in 1979 although derelict, facing Thompson Road. It was the Manager's residence.
The main warehouse backed onto Rule Street. According to Mr Peter Jensen (28.11.1983) the signal soap building was used to store tallow and possibly glycerine.
The building in the right hand side of the photograph with W.H. Burford & Sons on the end wall was where wooden cases were made to store soap and candles. Mr Jensen worked for Burfords in 1923. In the background is Rocky Bay.

The view of the Burford building changed radically when the flour mill was built. Date tbc.

Ford Motor Company buildings, Stirling Highway; photograph courtesy SLWA # 095466PD, 1935.

North Fremantle silos under construction 1963? courtesy SLWA # 115668PD.

View across the river to North Fremantle. Photo by Izzy Orloff courtesy of SLWA # 112011PD, 1925-29?.

View from Cypress Hill (above Direction Point) with Harvest Road running through the middle of the photograph. The building in the centre background with the square tower might be the 1897 Bruce Town/Gresham Hotel in John Street. Photo 1905 courtesy of SLWA # 009395PD, with the caption (in Facebook): view from North Fremantle across the river and the Traffic Bridge towards the city of Fremantle, c. 1906.

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