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Gas and Coke Company

The Fremantle Gas and Coke Company was co-founded by James Lilly in 1895.

This is the building in Cantonment Steet which still shows the company name, tho it (the company) is long gone.

Fremantle Gas and Coke Company was a Western Australian company based in Fremantle that was bought out by the Western Australian State Electricity Commission in 1986 - a component event of the WA Inc issues of the time.
It commenced operation in 1885 to power and light Fremantle.
The company had a siding from the Fremantle railway marshalling yard in the early twentieth century.
In 1952 the company constructed a new gas producer. The gasworks' main feature was its gas-holding domes, which were removed in the 1980s.
In the 1960s the Fremantle Gas and Coke company served 14,440 customers in a separate market zone from the State Electricity Commission, which provided the rest of the Perth metropolitan area. Wikipedia.

Fremantle Gas and Coke Company offices, late 1880s (Fremantle City Library Local History Collection #1395) photo taken 1952, location not stated but likely to be Cantonment Street, and possibly on the site of the building at the top of the page.

In 1884 the first money (£100) was voted for street lighting by gas. In those days the advantages of the municipalisation of public services were not realised, and that gave an opportunity to a syndicate promoted by A. Gra. Rosser to obtain from the council permission to light Fremantle with gas. Negotiations resulted in the Fremantle Gas Company securing a monopoly which was not interfered with until the inauguration of the municipal lighting system in 1906. Hitchcock: 93.

These gasometers were on the block bounded by Cantonment, Market, Queen Streets and Phillimore Street/Elder Place. As the photo is taken looking north, the nearer gasometer with the globe painted on it would be near Cantonment Street and the other near Phillimore Street.

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