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Crimean War Veterans

This page exists to draw attention to the most impressive work of Diane Oldman on her site Crimean War Veterans in Western Australia. As the Crimean War was 1853-55, many of the survivors were available to be sent to the Swan River Colony to perform various duties, in particular that of guarding convicts (who began arriving in 1850), as part of the Enrolled Pensioner Force.

Go to the Diane's site below for profiles of some hundreds of veterans, and also some of their life stories. Note especially those of Henry Dyson Naylor, and John Gray, both of whom survived the Charge of the Light Brigade. The former's sabre is in the WA Museum; Graylands was named after the latter.


Diane Oldman holding Henry Naylor's Light Brigade sabre, with Stephen Anstey of the WA Museum.

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Crimean War Veterans in Western Australia

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