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Henry Albert

Henry Albert was transported, arriving on the Hashemy, the second ship to bring convicts. After gaining his Ticket of Leave he was among other things a butcher, and his butcher's shop and bakery was noted by Hitchcock as being on the NE corner of High and Henry Streets in 1869 (on the site of the Royal Hotel which was before that one of the first hotels in Fremantle, the South Sea Hall Public House). The Marich Building is now on that site, Lot 81.

This 1880s photo does not show Albert's shop, merely the stone wall which enclosed it - on the extreme right edge of the photo, but the Library's caption refers to it: Early view of High Street, 1880s, 2044A; The Emerald Isle, later The Club, Hotel is on the left. The North East corner, on the right, was known as Albert's Corner. Here Mr Albert had butcher and bakery shops.

ALBERT, Henry, b. 1819, d. 10.3.1892 (Frem) (expiree), arr. 24.10.1850 per Hashemy, m. 1st Julia DOYLE b. 1836 d. 17.8.1869. m. 2nd c.1871 (Frem) Mary Ann BARRETT b. 1847 d. 21.3.1880. Chd. (?George b. England), Henry William b. 1860 d. 1889, Twins Minne [Minnie?] Amelia b. 1863 (Frem) Grace Gertrude b. 1863 d. 1890. Lilly Emily bp. 1865 (Frem) d. 1947, John Henry b. & d. 1866, ?Maud Mary b. c.1869, ?Catherine Mary b. 1874. Amy E.E. b. 1877 d. 1877? He owned 5 Frem. Town Lots in 1865 where he was store clerk at Convict Establishment 1853-1867. Publican York 1869-70. Coach propr. Frem. 1870-1877. Joint owner of cutter Start with E.M.J.Clarke of Harvey. Employed 12 T/L men as labourers, servants & teamsters between 1863 & 1868 from York & Baylup
Depots, & 20 T/L servants, labourers, butcher, baker & clerk from Fremantle Depot from 1868 to 1881. Daughters Grace & Minnie & a boy voyaged to Melbourne during 1880s. C/E.

ALBERT, Henry William b. 1860 d. 28.5.1889 (Perth), son of Henry & Julie (nee Doy1e), m. 28.1.1878 (Perth) Sarah Preston COOK b. 1858 (Frem.) d. 30.3.1951, dtr. of George & Emma (nee Preston). Chd. Julia d. infancy, Frederick d. infancy, Grace d. infancy, Emma Elizabeth b. 1880 d. 1929, Percival Henry George b. 1882 d. 1956, Ethel Maud b. 1886. Butcher Frem. (Alm 1870-1889). Sailed to Melbourne per Otway 20.2.1881 and returned per Bokhara in April 1881. To Melbourne with wife and dtr. per Franklin February 1887, also possibly he sailed for S.A. 2.10.1888 per Flinders. Owned land at Cockburn where he fattened stock.

Henry William Albert's youngest daughter Ethyl* Maud married Arthur Pickett Ewens in 1910 and they had two daughters, Gwenyth Alberta born 1912 and Mavis Sarah born 1916. Gwenyth Ewens at her death in 1995 donated an Art Award which is still presented every year.

*Erickson (DoWA) has 'Ethel', but Kristi McNulty (Librarian) has 'Ethyl' - which may be a Welsh (or chemical :) spelling?

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