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Peter Ambrose

Peter Ambrose was a carpenter from Perthshire who arrived on the Rockingham in 1830 indentured to Thomas Peel as a servant. Born in 1803, he died in 1858 when he 'lost in the bush' at Toodyay, where he was working as a 'labourer'. With his wife Harriet he had three children: Matilda, Ellen, and Jeanette.

AMBROSE, Peter, b. 1803 (Scotland), d. 13.6.1858 lost in the bush Toodyay, arr. 14.5.1830 per Rockingham with wife Harriet who died before 1837. Chd. Matilda b. 1831, Ellen b. 1832 d. 1915, Jeanette b. 1834. He was indentured to Thomas Peel on arrival. Worked at Toodyay. Labourer. Signed a petition for inn Licence Toodyay 1849.

AMBROSE, Matilda, b. 1831, dtr. of Peter & Harriet, m. 1853 Levi BEACHAM.

AMBROSE, Ellen, b. 1832. d. 1915, dtr. of Peter & Harriet, m. 1852 William Henry GILBERT b. 1830 d. 1884.

AMBROSE, Jeanette. b. 1834, dtr. of Peter & Harrier, m. 1850 John COOK.

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