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Alexander Anderson

and his wife Cecilia, and Thomas Anderson and his wife Janet, Alexander's sister

Alexander Anderson (1782-1856) was a farmer from Fife who arrived on the Egyptian in 1831. He was granted 400 acres of Swan location at Bassendean, and, with his son-in-law Thomas Anderson, 6900 acres at Toodyay, which he called Mt Anderson. He later moved to Victoria, and then in 1854 returned to Scotland where he died.

ANDERSON, Alexander. b. 16.5.1782, d. 26.11.1856 (Scotland), arr. 28.12.1831 per Egyptian with wife & family including son-in-law Thomas Anderson, m. (Scotland) c.1806 Cecilia OLIPHANT b. 28.10.1785 d. 3.4.1872 (Scotland). Chd. (all born before arr. W.A., Henry arr. before the rest & left for Tasmania), Henry b. 1807, John b. 1808, Janet (Jessie) b. 1809, Jane b. 1811, Alexander b. 1813, Cecilia b. 1816, William b. 1818, Mary b. 1821, Margaret b. 1823, Elinor b. 1825. Yeoman farmer.* Swan 400 acres Bassendean & Toodyay 6900 ac. "Mt Anderson" with son-in-law. In 1836 to Tasmania with 2 dtrs to buy stock, returned to W.A. 8.2.1837 per Endora: with family to Tasmania 27.8.18378 [sic] per Abeona: Later to Pt. Phillip, Victoria. Returned to Scotland 1854. Presbyt.

Berryman clarifies that Alex's wife was Cecilia. He had a sister called Janet (also from Fife, of course) who married Thomas, who was from Middlesex, and whose name also happened to be Anderson.

References and Links

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* A 'yeoman farmer' at this time would have referred to a small landowning family farmer.

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