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Anne-Marie Cattan Medcalf

Hons thesis

Medcalf, Anne-Marie 1989, Jörai Sentence and Phrase Structure, Honours dissertation, Murdoch University.


Medcalf, Anne-Marie 1992, 'Blurring the boundaries? The sense of time and place in Marguerite Duras' L'Amant', Span, 36.

Medcalf, Anne-Marie 2008, '"Children of the nation": Métis children in Indochina, 1903-1923', Asian Studies Association of Australia, Melbourne.

Medcalf, Anne-Marie 2009, 'The archives' tales: gender, class and colonial migration practices in Vietnam, 1897-1920', Intersections: Gender and Sexuality in Asia and the Pacific, 21, September.

Book chapter

Medcalf, Anne-Marie 2000, 'Reconstructing a homeland: gender, gallicity and sense of place in colonial Vietnam', in: Carolyn Brewer and Anne-Marie Medcalf eds, Researching the Fragments, Histories of Women in the Asian Context, New Day, Quezon City.


Carolyn Brewer (1998-present) and Anne-Marie Medcalf (1998-2006) co-founders and editors of Intersections:˙ Gender, History and Culture in the Asian Context, Murdoch University - now Intersections: Gender and Sexuality in the Asia Pacific, Department of Gender, Media and Cultural Studies, College of Asia and the Pacific, Australia National University.

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