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Edward Barrett-Lennard

Mr. Edward Pomeroy Barrett-Lennard, the youngest son of Sir Thomas Barrett-Lennard, Bart., of Belhus, Essex, England, was among the first settlers to arrive in Western Australia in 1829. He selected land on the banks of the Swan River, and owned the property now known as St. Lennard’s. On his death the property passed to his son, Edward Graham Barrett-Lennard, and in turn, was acquired by George Barrett-Lennard.
George was educated in Western Australia and continued the policy of development laid down by his forefathers. He expanded upon agricultural pursuits and specialised in viticulture. He was largely responsible for the inauguration of the grape export industry and studied grape growing and drying with one of his sons in Greece and Spain.
In 1886 George married Miss Amy Drake-Brockman. They had four sons and two daughters. One son was killed at Gallipoli and another drowned at North Beach.
George Barrett-Lennard died at his residence, St. Leonard’s, West Swan in 1917, aged 55. The funeral took place in the Upper Swan Churchyard.

He had to borrow to finance his agricultural projects and by 1866 was bankrupt, dying alone on his property St Leonards in West Swan near Guildford. Only one son, Edward, remained in WA.

BARRETT-LENNARD, Edward Pomeroy, b. 19.6.1799, d. 29.6.1878 (Guildford), 5th son of 1st Baronet Sir Thomas & Dorothy (nee Aubyn), arr. 23.6.1829 per Marquis of Anglesea, sailed to England to marry & returned to W.A. 2.5.1839 per Montreal with wife, m. 28.9.1837 Elizabeth Frances GRAHAM b. 1811. d. 23.3.1878 (England of a railway accident), dtr. of Robert. Chd. All returned to England for education, only the eldest son returned to W.A. to live. Thomas Edward d. 1839 at 10 months, Edward Graham b. 1839 d. 1888, Robert St. Aubyn b. 1841 d. 1857 of a fall from a horse, Fanny Helen b. 1842 d. 1918, Rosa Georgina b. 1844 d. 1921, William Dacres b. 1846 d. 1867, Amelia Charlotte b. 1849 d. 1856. Assigned Swan G2, Swan Loc H. & GI & Avon Loc M & MIN, "St. Lennards" on Swan & "St. Aubyns" on Avon. Employed 40 T/L men 1854-1882. Member of Legis. Council, resigned 1843. Member of Western Australian Land & Emigration Committee London. Mrs Barrett-Lennard & 4 chd. to England 18.3.1854 per Isabella Blythe. Qualified as Juror 1860, £1000 real estate.

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