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Bolton family

Bolton's Body Builders 1888-1989

Excerpt from ATDB - see below:
Isaac and Isabella Bolton and their eight children arrived in Fremantle on the steamer Yeoman in 1887.
Shortly after his arrival Isaac founded a coach building business Bolton & Sons in Fremantle having been a wheelwright in Hollingbourne, Kent England.
Their initial factory was at 45 William St Fremantle and he employed most of his sons.
In 1902 Bolton engaged the architect Oldham to design a new factory at 63 Henry St Fremantle (corner of Henry St and Marine Terrace) with 40 x 40 ft showrooms and was made dustproof.
Their business brochure circa 1909 Bolton & Sons boasted the best workmen in the Commonwealth and manufactured all types of buggies, wagons etc and every kind of vehicle new and secondhand. They were also direct importers.
Isaac retired in 1912 and the business was carried on by two of his sons, Alfred and Len until 1924 when Alf retired.
Isaac died in 1912 and it is of interest that one of his mourners was a leading hand by the name of Porter who later started his own business which still operates under the name Howard Porter.

Isaac Bolton's 1896 house 'Pendennis', is still standing at 2 Barnett Street, restored by Les Lauder in the early 1970s.

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Most the above information comes from this page on the Australian Transport Discussion Board.

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