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Alan Bond

bondAlan Bond (1938-2015) was a British-born Australian businessman noted, in this context, for mounting the successful 1983 challenge to win the America's Cup in yachting which led subsequently to elaborate preparations in Fremantle for its 1987 defence.

Bond with John Bertrand, Newport, 1983 >

Bond's syndicate challenged as the Royal Perth Yacht Club, and Australia II was the successful boat. It has since been placed on show in the Maritime Museum on the South Wharf (Victoria Quay) which was designed specifically to include the yacht.

Australia IV was the Bond yacht built for the Defence, but it lost to Kevin Parry's Kookaburra III, which in turn lost the actual series to an American yacht, Stars & Stripes 87, skippered by Denis Connor.

Bond built a hotel at Scarborough called Observation City, but to my knowledge was not involved in the many renovations which were carried out in Fremantle to hotels like the former Freemasons and Oddfellows (apart from the RPYC Fremantle annexe).

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