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Thomas Bousfield

Thomas Percival Bousfield arrived in the late 1880s, going into business first with two others at what is now 82 High Street (where a CBA building now stands). They moved to (now 57) Market Street, next to the National Hotel. The Bousfields alone moved to the shop at 97 High Street about 1939. It is now owned by Bruce Haskell, the son of Laurie Haskell, who began in the business at the age of 14 and stayed on to become a partner in its ownership. The Bousfields were Baptists.

Purser and Bousfield, Mercers, occupied 100-102 High Street (now 82) until 1926/27. They then moved to Market Street, next to the National Hotel, and in 1938 to their current premises, 97 High Street. The building in the photograph was demolished c. 1935 for the building of the Commonwealth Bank. Ref no. 3882, 1920s.

On the left side are the Higham Buildings (1912) in the background; and the National Hotel, built 1902 for Michael and Daniel Mulcahy on the site of an earlier building with the same name. The building at the right front is the Imperial Chambers (built 1896) housing Purser and Bousfield (mens clothing) and the Strand Cafe. Ref. no. 607C, 1927.

References and Links

See Kristi McNulty's article in the Fremantle History Society's newsletter for Summer 2023 about Thomas Bousfield and his shops in Market and High Streets.

Thanks to Kristi for the article and finding the photos above, and also to the City Library for making the photos available.

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