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Shane Burke

Swan Guildford Historical Society:
Shane Burke is an archaeologist, researcher, author and lecturer at Notre Dame University. He is also Vice President at Swan Guildford Historical Society.
Shane's 9 May talk is called "Innovation and adaptability - the British coming to grips with a foreign environment, the Swan district 1830 to 1850."
Summary: The rapid and successful development of the Swan district - the area of land from the Swan River's issue from the Darling Range and its confluence with the Helena River - for agricultural purposes was pivotal for the survival of the Swan River. The region's alluvium provided the British the best opportunity to practice agriculture as they knew it, but apart from Cameron's 1981 seminal work, little research has been done about how the British succeeded. This talk discusses the archaeological and historical signatures of the British adapting to a new environment and how innovative they were.
Our next general meeting with Shane Burke as guest speaker takes place next Monday 9th May 2022. Time: 7pm for a 7.30pm start
Venue: St. Matthew's Anglican Church Hall, Stirling Square Guildford.
At the conclusion of the meeting stay for a light supper and the chance to talk to other history enthusiasts. All welcome. SGHS, 1 May 2022.

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