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Bussell family

The Bussell family were a family of early settlers in colonial Western Australia. The four brothers John, Joseph, Alfred and Charles emigrated from England on the Warrior, arriving at Fremantle on 12 March 1830. Lennox, Frances and Elizabeth arrived at Fremantle on the Cygnet on 27 January 1833, and Mrs Frances Louisa and Mary arrived at Albany on 19 June 1834.
On arriving in Western Australia, the Bussells found that all of the good farm land around Perth and Fremantle had already been granted, and were advised by the Governor, Sir James Stirling, to form a sub-colony in the vicinity of Cape Leeuwin. The Bussells first settled in the Augusta area in May 1830, but met with little success. After a number of exploring expeditions, John Bussell discovered good farm land in Busselton in December 1831, and by 1834 the family had established a property named "Cattle Chosen". The town of Busselton, surveyed in 1837, and the Bussell Highway are named in their honour.

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