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Steve Cicerello


Fremantle City Library photo #E000333 by Brent Sumner, c. 1980s.

Steve Cicerello (1912-1989) was born in Capo d’ Orlando, Sicily and lived most of his life in South Fremantle. During his childhood he worked with his father Salvatore on the family’s small fishing boat. Fishing offered no future on leaving Fremantle Boys School, so he worked for a short time as a telegram boy and then obtained an apprenticeship in shoe making. On completing this apprenticeship with Salvatore Franchina, he opened a shop on the corner of Atwell Arcade. When business was too slow and the rent too high he moved his business inside the Arcade. In 1958 he re-entered the fishing industry when the US demand for crayfish bolstered the W.A. fishing industry and established a retail outlet for fresh fish and a small fish and chip shop [Cicerello's]. Today this business is an institution in Fremantle. Mr Cicerello also had a great love for sailing and went to every America’s Cup challenge from 1964. An extra storey was even added to his markets so he could watch the challenge in Fremantle in 1986/87. He was a member of the Fremantle Sailing Club for many years (served as Treasurer, trustee and Vice Commodore) and was awarded life membership in 1985. He died in 1989 aged 77 years.


Cicerello's, source unknown.

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