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John Cleland

CLELAND, John, b. 1796 (Scotland), arr. 23.8. 1829 per Marquis of Anglesea. Granted 1373 acres. Carpenter & builder. Temporary appointment as surveyor 1829, & commissariat clerk & store keeper until 1831. 1st colonial Govt. School Teacher 18.10.1830. Opened a private school at Fremantle 1834 & later at Guildford, having been discharged from Govt. service for being drunk. Dep. 1.4.1837 per Shepherd for Mauritius.

In the 1832 Census he is no. 437: aged 37, from Glasgow, a clerk.

Note: Little is known about this first attempt at formal schooling except that it was conducted by one John Cleland - a carpenter - who soon after returned to his trade.
June 28th, 1830. GOVERNMENT NOTICE:
Note is hereby given that a Colonial School will be opened in the Church on Monday morning at nine o'clock the 5th July by Mr. J. Cleland. Parents desirous of sending their children to it, are requested to make application for permission to the Colonial Secretary.
Source: Colonial Secretary's Office (hereafter C.S.O.) Outward Letter Book, 14th January 1830 to 10th September 1830, in Battye Library.

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