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George Curedale

George Curedale arrived 1 January 1858 per Nile as a transported convict. He married Mary Ann Hardman, the daughter of a Pensioner Guard, in 1863, when she was about 23, and they had at least 23 children, the last (who did not survive) when she was about 46. She was RC, tho he was Anglican. He bought 82 acres from the estate of H.M. Lefroy after his death, comprising four adjoining Cockburn Sound location lots located between the present Curedale Street, east to within 4.45 chains of Fifth Avenue and from South Street to Lefroy Street. Curedale developed the land as an orchard and vineyard. The property at Beaconsfield was heavily mortgaged, and after Curedale died aged about 61 of a heart attack in 1887, lots 59, 60, 61 and 66 were acquired by George Alfred Davies [not G.S. Davies as in Erickson, below], leaving his illiterate Mary Ann destitute. Curedale Street is named after him (as Davies Street q.v. is named after George Davies).

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