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Frederick Dalgety

Canadian Frederick Gonnerman Dalgety arrived in Sydney in 1834 before moving to Melbourne in 1842 as manager of his new firm. Dalgety prospered especially during the Victorian gold rush in the early 1850s, returning to England in 1854 to establish the headquarters of a metropolitan-colonial enterprise dealing mainly with Victorian pastoral companies. Dalgety & Co. continued to grow after the founder died in 1894. The Dalgety building (aka Elder/Wilhemsen/MSC building) cnr Cliff/Phillimore Sts is one reminder of his business. He never lived in Fremantle. Croke Lane used to be Dalgety St, as the warehouse of Dalgety & Co. was once there, but it was changed to avoid confusion with Dalgety St in East Fremantle. (The latter is named for Wm Dalgety Moore.)

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