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George Davidson

George Davidson (1892-1988) lived at 38/40 Malcolm Street (now 14/16) from 1912. His mother Mary owned the property until 1922/1923 (Fremantle Library).

Davidson worked 1910-60 for shipping company McIlwraith McEacharn in the building known as Scottish House in Phillimore Street.

Thanks to the Fremantle Library for this undated photo #E000803-121 of G.L. Davidson. There is no caption, but the Fremantle Providoring Company, and the window behind Davidson were in Leake St. That part of the building has gone, but the two-storey section, Marine House, just outside the RHS of the photo is still standing, at 7-9 Leake St. Where Davidson is standing is now the back of the former bank building being used in 2019 as a temporary police station. The window is visible in a photo from the 1920s on page 197 of Old Fremantle.


Thanks to the Fremantle Library for this c. 1930s photo by George Davidson #2379.

These vessels conveyed the lumpers (waterside workers) to the various landings along North Wharf (Quay). The Ivanhoe and Victor II were Harbour Trust owned; the remainder privately chartered. The tug Wyola is visible on the right. In the background is the original slipway which was abandoned during WWII.

Davidson's photo taken outside the McIlwraith McEacharn building (Scottish House). Thanks to the Fremantle Library for the c. 1920s photo #2391.

Staff outside Scottish House leaving in a charabanc on an office picnic. The Metropolitan Omnibus Company was formed 1.12.1926 when several Perth Fremantle operators amalgamated. They ran tours to the hills, Rockingham, Mandurah and Safety Bay.


Thanks to the Fremantle Library for the c. 1919 photo #4374 of the interior of the building, with George Davidson sitting at the centre.

McIlwraith McEacharn Line Pty Ltd, steam ship owners, occupied various buildings in Henry, Cliff and Mouat Streets before moving to Phillimore Street c1908. They occupied the P&O Building (17 Phillimore) before moving to Scottish House (10-12 Phillimore Street.) George Leslie Davidson (1892-1988) is seated in the centre of the picture. He was employed by the Company from 1910 to 1960. Fremantle Library.


Thanks to the Fremantle City Library for this c. 1930 photo #2382.

I'm guessing that this photograph was taken from the rear of the McIlwraith McEacharn building (Scottish House) on the occasion of some important arrival from the south wharf. People are lined up on either side of Cliff Street to see them. Maybe it was the arrival of the Duke and Duchess of York in 1927? The FHC caption gives only the following information.

Long lines of men on the wharf and the various sheds associated with port activities. The Time Ball is clearly visible on the roof of the old Fremantle Harbour Trust offices. It was dropped electrically from Perth everyday until replaced with radio signals.

Thanks to the Fremantle City Library for this photo #2381.

Davidson turns his camera a bit to the left, and we have this photo, which shows two cars carrying people who have arrived by ship and are on their way into town. People can be seen running from right to left indicating their interest in the cars and their passengers. The Fremantle City Library caption does not explain what the event is:

The view from the back balcony of Scottish House, Phillimore Street. Lines of men, railway lines and the sheds on the wharf. Scottish House was occupied by the Shipping Company McIlwraith McEacharn Ltd. In the foreground are empty coal baskets, used in bunkering until replaced by oil. The last coal hulk, the Bankfield, was scuppered in 1951.

Thanks to Fremantle City Library for this George Davidson n.d. photo #2390 with this caption:

The Harbour Master's house on the left was built 1870/1880s and demolished c1928. The Round House was constructed 1830/1831. The Pilot cottage on the right is No 9, built c1904 as part of the Light House compound. The original Round House steps were built 1836 and rebuilt to straddle the Whaler's Tunnel in 1838. They were truncated in 1966 because of the railway line.

Thanks to the Fremantle City Library for this September 1952 photo #E000803-119 of G.L. Davidson taken in the year in which he turned 60. >

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