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Herbert Nathaniel Davis

Herbert Nathaniel Davis (1867-1900) was an architect who did important work in Fremantle from 1892 until his premature death in 1900. He was buried in the Jewish section of the Fremantle cemetery.

pier hotel

Davis designed alterations and additions to the Pier Hotel at Cliff Street in 1893. A new Notre Dame University building is now on the site. (Photo c1903 from Fremantle History Centre #604)

esplanade hotel

Premises were converted by Davis in 1895 to form the Esplanade Hotel. The place was further modified by architect J. Herbert Eales in 1903. The photo above is from c. 1905, so does not show Davis's work, but Eales'.

(Part of) the Lilly Building, 34-36 Cliff St, completed 1896, designed by Davis.

On the SE corner of Henry and High Sts is the Union Stores building, designed by DavisĀ for J & W Bateman, and formerly the largest hardware store in Fremantle, Bateman's Hardware. The verandahs were restored in the Americas Cup defence renovation in 1986.

The McDonald Smith Building, 22-32 Cliff St, has had various owners, including Vincent, James Lilly, and Tompkins and Co. The building was designed, as Cliff Street Chambers, by Davis. To the right: Lilly's Building, 1896, 34-42 Cliff St, also designed by Davis.

The Tolley sign is still in evidence on 1 Pakenham St, despite their having moved out in 1912 from the building constructed in about 1901 for that seller of wine and spirits. The building was designed by Davis.

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