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Tully Davy

Tully Davy was the assistant surgeon to the 63rd regiment. He should have come to the Swan River Colony aboard the Sulphur, but his large family could not be accommodated therein, so all embarked on the Parmelia instead. On his way to the Colony with his wife Jane Davy and Jessie Jane (8), Joseph T. (6), Henry John (4), Edward N. (2) and Eliza Rose (2 months), he drowned in Table Bay South Africa. A boat overturned 25 April while returning from shore to ship and Davy and his daughter Jessie were drowned. Jane Tully decided to continue to Swan River, but as none of this family appear in the Dictionary of Western Australians, nor in the 1832 census (Berryman), I'm guessing Jane Daly made her way back home.

References and Links

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Family History WA page for this ship, from which the above data come.

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