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Matthew Dwyer

Matthew Dwyer was well known for his wonderful wildlife photography, of birds especially, and for his journalistic work in the Fremantle Herald, but he was able to take on any kind of photographic and, latterly, video work.

He died as the result of a fall from Bluff Knoll 1/2 October 2019, aged 51. It was a place with which he was familiar, and where he loved to be.

He had a website @ which has been taken down. I didn't copy anything from it while I could because it was his property, but I happen to have acquired a very few photos, which I'll show here (compressed – it may still be possible to buy prints from his estate). Matthew's Instagram page is, however, still up in Sept 2022.

The first was published in The Herald and is on my Swan River page.

The next one - of a darter in action - is also on his Instagram page, which is still up in Sept 2022.

I first met Matthew when he was filming at Boo Park one day, with a monopod and long lens. I'd often wondered what the swallows were doing as they flashed across the surface of the pod, as they move too fast to make it out. Matthew's photo revealed that they were picking up food (insects, I assume) from the surface.

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