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Murray Edmonds

Murray Ernest John Edmonds, born on 19 December 1934 in South Australia, moved from there to take up the job of Town Clerk at Kojonup in 1962. He was appointed Assistant Town Clerk at Fremantle in 1966.

Robin Campbell has this to tell us about Murray Edmonds:
Research into the feasibility and cost of restoration of the Asylum continued through 1968 and at the same time I was in contact with Deputy Town Clerk Murray Edmonds who was on sabbatical leave in England. He talked about the conservation work going on around him at that time and its relevance to Fremantle. He wrote:
The point I want to make is simply that we cannot honour our past - as we most certainly must - by simply taking one building in isolation from its environment, and in effect perpetuating not stirring monuments, but some sort of freaks. I think the Barracks Arch falls into this latter group ... Is it completely crazy to suggest that the FCC, with the State Government, the National Trust etc. zone a sizeable lump of this real estate, a street or two or a block or two, to be retained in perpetuity as an historic centre?

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