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Hannah Fitzhardinge

Hannah Fitzhardinge was elected mayor in October 2021, and was also Fremantle City Councillor for Beaconsfield ward, having been successful in a by-election in 2016 (following the resignation of Josh Wilson) and then again in the ordinary election 2017.
What follows is the platform from her 2021 election website.

Our wonderful city is in a period of transition. The retail sector has been disrupted, the future of the working port is unclear and COVID has changed, well – everything. I have outlined my focus areas below. These will be updated with more detail as policy announcements are made in the coming months.
In a post-pandemic economy, every dollar counts. If elected, I will make sure that your rates are not wasted, that Fremantle gets its fair share of funding from the state and federal governments, and that our community infrastructure – including our parks, sports facilities, footpaths and public toilets – are maintained to the standard our community expects.
Let’s build the city we want to live in, and let’s build the city we want our children to live in. Let’s protect our beaches for years to come, let’s support our local businesses, our creative industries and all the things that make Fremantle unique. Let’s develop new industries, let’s support local and circular economies and build resilience for the benefit of all.
It’s time to draw a bigger circle. Our community has become increasingly divided in recent years, with some people feeling left out and others feeling left behind. Let’s celebrate all the layers of history that make Fremantle what it is today and make sure that absolutely everyone feels welcome, valued and has a contribution to make. Let’s have fun, both at a street level and as a city.

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