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Peter Gallagher

Peter Gallagher, who died in 1871 aged 37,* was a sergeant in the 3rd Buffs Regiment, and a Crimean War veteran who came to Fremantle on board the Edwin Fox in 1858 as an Enrolled Pensioner. He was wounded in the left hand by a shell fragment at Sevastopol 25 August 1855, losing two fingers, which rendered him unfit for further service. The cause of his early death is unknown. His gravestone is at (my) #82 on the Heritage Trail in Fremantle Cemetery.
See Diane Oldman's profile of him here.
(The Edwin Fox is the only Australian convict ship still in existence. Since 1897, it been in Picton NZ, where it is a tourist attraction.)
* The gravestone has 36, but reliable sources (see below) confirm that he was 37.

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Page on Diane Oldman's site for Crimean War Veterans in WA (from which most of the above comes: many thanks)

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