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Roger Garwood is Fremantle's senior photographer. He was born on a Thames barge, near Colchester, and studied engineering, but turned to photography, working in John Searle Austin's studio in London. His interest in photo-reportage led to him becoming a freelance photographer, working for Stern, Bunte, Jasmin, and the Saturday Evening Post, before joining the staff of Paris Match.

He came to Fremantle on holiday in 1974 and stayed, becoming an Australian citizen in 1978. He has since been involved in the production of a dozen books.

alfordHe has now lived in Fremantle for forty years, having had a long and distinguished international career as a photo-journalist, and working on projects related to traditional Australian lifestyles, including the cattle, fishing and mining industries.

Fred and Merle Alford, Coolgardie, 1975. They also appear in Off Like Flies, p. 9, in a different, interior photo. ©Roger Garwood, used here with his permission >

Before migrating to Australia in 1975, he worked for eleven years on the staff of Paris Match, covering major international news stories.

Since his arrival in Australia, Roger has worked on assignments for European and American magazines including The New York Times, the London Sunday Times, Paris Match and National Geographic.

From 1983-87 he worked almost exclusively on the America’s Cup activities in Australia, the USA and Europe for Newsweek magazine; as well as being the official photographer to America’s Cup Defence. Since 1988, Roger has published books related to the Australian lifestyle through Plantagenet Press, which he founded.

His work is represented in the collections of the National Gallery of Australia, the National Library, the National Gallery of Victoria, and The Art Gallery of Western Australia.

June 2004 marked the launch of Portfolio II ‘Australians’ a collaborative work with Trish Ainslie of ten photographs.

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These shots record my first ever meeting with Roger Garwood, 4 September 2017.

We met by appointment in Breaks, in the Davies building, in High Street.

He's just settling in, getting the stuff he needs out of his bag.

Now he's aware of a complete stranger taking a photograph of him without permission. That's his iPhone 7+ which he always has with him, and his notebook ditto. He's a really nice guy, and we have a good chat.

@ Moore & Moore, 8 September 2017, contemplating the future.

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