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Edward Metcalfe Grain

grainEdward Metcalfe Grain RE was a Crimean War veteran. Born in Gibraltar, he was a career officer in the British Army, working his way up from Lieutenant in 1846 to Major General (Honorary) in 1881. He was in WA for four years, as Commanding Officer of the RE Corps 29 August 1859 to 27 April 1862, arriving on the Sultana in 1859 and leaving on the Madras in 1863.

His son William died in 1859 aged 3 and was buried in the Vale St Cemetery. The tombstone was removed and placed on the Heritage Trail in Fremantle Cemetery.

He made a great contribution to Western Australia and copped the job of mopping up the administrative details of the Royal Engineers/Sappers & Miners after they all went home. Diane Oldman, personal communication.

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There is a page for Grain at Diane Oldman's archived website Crimean War Veterans in Western Australia.

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