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John Gresswell

GRESSWELL, John, b. 1798, d. 27.7.1882 (Perth), arr. 18.11.1831 per Jolly Rambler with family, m. (UK) Henrietta b. 1800 d. 29.9.1888. Chd. Henrietta Maria b. 1824 d. 1920, Caroline Louisa b. 1826/8 d. 1871. Alfred William b. 1836 d. 1862 (N.Z.). Charterer or owner of the Jolly Rambler. Formerly a master manufacturing goldsmith in London. Offered his services as Govt. Assayer, but in 1832 would have been content with a job as a Govt. messenger. Selected 920 acres Sussex District 1832. Opened Vauxhall Tavern Frem. 1840 & owned two lots, also in Perth in 1859 & 1860. Employed a T/L jeweller 1868 in his Perth business. Stalwarts of RC church but supported petitions for Protestant clergy.

Gresswell, according to Hitchcock 1929, was granted town lots 57, 157, 269, 299, 300. Henrietta was granted lot 358.

That the Vauxhall Tavern was at Point Walter may be gathered from this report in the Perth Gazette of 14 April 1838:
THE canal at Point Walter has been much improved, and a house of accommodation has been lately opened by Mr. Gresswell; it is termed the "Vauxhall Tavern." The time which is saved in rounding the spit—to say nothing of the avoidance of the danger—is an improvement of public benefit, which being effected at private cost, is very creditable, and merits every encouragement.

Cooper & McDonald write (p. 20) that leases for the inn (and channel) changed hands previously over the next year, so it would seem that Gresswell was not there for long.

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