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John Holland

John Hollard is remembered by a commemorative plaque in Broomehill near the railway station, on which he is said to be the leader of the men who established the track from there to Coolgardie —  which in 1893 was one way to get to the goldfields, as the rail line from Perth ended there at that time. Another source claims that the main organiser and financier of the expedition was Rudolph Krakouer. However, the track is named after Holland. It is now somewhere that people with 4WD vehicles might actually need to actually engage all wheels.

HOLLAND, John, b. 1856. d. 1936 (Coolgardie). His wife d. 1894 at Coolgardie at 25 years. Settler, Katanning-Broomehill. Blazed trail of route to Coolgardie from Broomhill 1893 with R. J. & David Krakouer & John Carmody. (Erickson)

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See the page for the Krakouers for more information about them, and for an image of the sign honouring Holland.

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