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Captain William Jackson

Captain William Jackson (1827-1895) was Rottnest Island Pilot Captain and later Island Superintendent, 1867-1883, after the retirement of Henry Vincent. He arrived as a widower on board the Sophia, 27 July 1850, with his mother Catherine Cleary and several of his children. Prospect House was built in 1886 on the corner of Adelaide and Point Streets for him.

His son William Dockwery [sic] Turnbull Jackson, born Rottnest 1858, was buried 19 May 1916 in the East Perth Cemetery, having died at Derby. He was RC.

William Dockray [sic] JACKSON, (widower), son of William, b. 1827 (ENG), d. 1895 (Fremantle, W.A.). William was a Master Mariner and shipowner from Sunderland in England, and later became part owner of the Guyon with Henry YELVERTON. He was also the Island Superintendant on Rottnest Island. Perth Dead Persons Society.

William Dockwrey [sic] Jackson took over from Vincent in 1866 and although a sailor, he was not as strict with prisoners as Vincent had been. (Jackson was later criticised for his lenient attitude.) ...
Conditions at the main prison did not improve and disease was rife among the inmates. Two epidemics killed around 60 prisoners and in September 1883 a Royal Commission investigated the conditions at the gaol and some action was taken to improve the system. The commission found that, apart from the two epidemics, the death rate of prisoners on the island was 'very low'. Although no findings were made against Jackson's administration, it is significant that before the year was out he had been replaced by Mr Timperley. wanowandthen.

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