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Bryn Jones

Bryn Jones was a Fremantle City Councillor 1993-99, 2015-23, for north ward.

2019 election statement:
It has been my privilege to serve as your Councillor for the last four years. My family has lived in Fremantle since 1980; our daughters were born here and went to local schools. I am retired after a career as a teacher, university lecturer and head of an online education company. I have the time, energy, commitment and skills to effectively represent my community. I've been involved in community affairs all my life, including the Leighton Action Coalition, two terms as North Ward councillor in the 1990s, and as the APACE President. I work hard to ensure sound financial management and excellence in service delivery. I support attracting more people to live and work in Fremantle, whilst protecting the amenity of existing residents and Fremantle’s unique heritage and environment. With your support I can continue to represent you, and the issues that matter to you, with independence, experience and integrity. [source: Council website]

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