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Richard King

Monash University Publishing:
Richard King is an author, critic and poet based in Fremantle. Raised in the United Kingdom, he gained an MA in Literary History and Cultural Discourse and worked in publishing before moving to Australia. His work appears widely, including in The Australian, The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, The Independent, The Monthly, Griffith Review, The Sydney Review of Books, Meanjin, Overland, New Matilda, Australian Book Review and 3 Quarks Daily (for whom he wrote a regular column between 2016 and 2018), The Best Australian Poems and The Best Australian Science Writing. His first book, On Offence: The Politics of Indignation, was published in Australia, the United Kingdom and Australia. King writes regularly for Arena, focusing on the relationship between culture and technology. His website is bloodycrossroads.com.

References and Links

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The Bloody Crosswords, Richard King's website.

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