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James Lloyd

James Lloyd (1798-1844) was the patriarch of one of the Toodyay families, though he himself had gone back to England - where he died at an early age - before his sons returned (with their mother) and got going on the business of propagation (with their wives). George Lloyd had already arrived in 1830 on the Warrior before he was joined by his brother James in 1831, the latter arriving 28 December on the Egyptian, together with his wife Hannah Morris and the one child who had been born so far. Another eight children were to come, the last of whom was born in 1845 after the family returned to the Old Country in 1844. James was a silk dyer, but there not being much demand for that in the colony in the early 1830s, nor indeed probably ever since, he became what the DoWA calls a 'victualler', at the Star and Garter in Fremantle, exact location unknown. He was also named in the Perth Gazette of 23 January 1836 as the licensee of The Hope, but it unknown where that was nor whether it might have been the same premises as the Star and Garter.

He selected 4000 acres at Toodyay in 1832. When he left the colony in 1844, the property (called 'Nardie') was leased to Charles Harper (the father of the newspaperman of the same name), but when the family returned after his death, it was shared between two of the sons, Charles and Joseph. Toodyay historian Rica Erickson writes (176) that Charles named his half 'Calbaline'. The brothers married sisters Jane and Catherine Sinclair in the 1860s.

Erickson, Dictionary:
LLOYD, James, b. 1798, d. 1844 (England), brother of George, arr. 28.12.1831 per Egyptian with wife & dtr. m. (UK) Hannah MORRIS b. 1808 d. 18.4.1886 (Frem). Chd. Hannah Elizabeth b. 1830, Mary Ann b. 1832 d. 1878, James C. b. 1833 (Frem) d. 1892, Joseph b. 1835 d. 1845 (Eng), Charles b. 1837 (Frem) d. 1910, Amelia b. 1838 d. 1916 (Eng), Alfred b. 1840, Andrew b. 1843, Joseph Morris b. 1845 (Eng) d. 1932. A silk dyer by trade, he set up in business as a victualler in Frem. Selected 4000 acres at Toodyay 1832. Returned to Eng. with wife & family 24.2.1844 per Shepherd & died there. His widow brought 3 of their chd. back to WA 6.12.1847 per Dispatch & conducted a store at Fremantle. The Toodyay property, out on lease, was ultimately shared by 2 sons.

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