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Mary Lo Presti

Fremantle Herald, 23 September 2022

THEY don’t come much more local than East Fremantle’s Mary Lo Presti, who recently celebrated her 90th birthday.

Mary’s parents were some of the first Italian immigrants to set up greengrocer stores in Fremantle, with Lo Presti & Son established in 1932 as the ‘Fremantle General store’.

At 15, Mary officially joined the family business as a bookkeeper and salesperson, managing imports of Italian food products. Five years later she married Claude Lo Presti.

In 1964, Mary and Claude relocated the family business to Canning Highway in East Fremantle, where it has remained for the last 58 years.

Mary and her husband Claude at their family business Lo Presti & Son.

Claude was a well-known figure in East Fremantle always taking the time to stop, talk and help anyone he met. He often drove around in his iconic San Remo green 1965 Ford Thames van. Claude sadly passed away in 2007 but his memory is still very much alive in the proud family-operated store.

Lo Presti and Son remains an authentic family-run Italian food store/deli selling a wide range of lovely produce including cheese, meats and their legendary freshly-made continental rolls.

Lo Presti & Son
170 Canning Highway, East Fremantle
9339 6523

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