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John Mitchell (2)

This John Mitchell is not to be confused with the one who was the first person to be interred in the East Perth Cemetery, in 1830, by Archdeacon Thomas Scott.

MITCHELL, John, b. 1796, d. 29.10.1868, arr. 1st 6.1829 per Sulphur, left with Regt 3.1831, & returned as an Enrolled Pensioner Guard, wife Jane STANTON d. 25.12.1878, sister of John, the soldier. Chd. Joseph b. 1829 on HMS Sulphur, Robert William b. 1831 (Perth). Formerly Pte 63rd Regt. Drummer, Bugler. Perth Lot V20. Appointed night warder at Convict Establishment 2.1853. Employed 4 T/L men during 1850s.

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