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Georgiana Molloy

Georgiana Molloy (23 May 1805 – 8 April 1843) was an early settler in Western Australia, who is remembered as one of the first botanical collectors in the colony. She arrived per Warrior, 1830, with husband Lt (later Lt Col.) John Molloy.

In 1829, estranged from her family and living in an isolated Scottish village, Georgiana Kennedy made a sudden decision to marry Captain John Molloy of the Rifle Brigade, a handsome hero with a mysterious past.
They emigrated immediately to the remote southwest of Western Australia with the first small group of European settlers, and experienced great hardship in the fledgling colonies of Augusta and Busselton. In times of personal tragedy and privation, botany was Georgiana Molloy's salvation.
She was self-taught and became the first internationally successful female botanist in WA. Her collections of the indigenous flora of the southwest include type specimens, archived today in the world's leading herbaria.

MOLLOY, John (Lt. 95th Rifle Brigade), b. 5 .9.1780 (Eng). d. 6 .10.1867 (Vasse), arr. 12.3.1830 per Warrior with wife, m. 8.1829 (Eng) Georgiana KENNEDY b. 23.5.1805 (Eng) d. 8.4.1842. dtr. of David. Chd. Mary Elizabeth b. 1830 d. infancy, Sabina Dunlop b. 1831 d. 1905, Mary Dorothea b. 1834. John b. 1836 d. 1837, Amelia b. 1638 d. 1910, Flora Elizabeth b. 1840 d. 1868, Georgiana b. 1842 d. 1874. A veteran of the Napoleonic Wars. He became the pioneer settler at Augusta where he was appointed Res. Mag. & JP 1830. Granted 12,813 acres. His wife an amateur botanist sent many collections of specimens of wildflowers to Mangles in Eng. In 1839 he moved his establishment to the Vasse relocating his grant & building his homestead "Fairlawn". In 1850 he visited England going via SA 9.3.1850 where his dtr. Mrs Hale was living. Was gazetted Lt. Col. & returned to WA c.1852. Be employed 4 T/L men 1864-1666. His wife was commemorated in 1979 in a brass plaque in Perth pavement for the year 1843.

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