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John Morgan

Morgan was a Lieutenant in the Royal Navy and a friend, like Mark Currie, of Stirling's.

MORGAN, John, b. 1792, d. 22.4.1866 (Tasmania), arr. 1.6.1829 per Parmelia with wife Rebeeca b. 1794 and dtr. Rebecca b. 1816. (James b. 1818 was listed as a passenger but did not arrive in WA.) Formerly Lt in Royal Marines. Govt storekeeper at Garden Is. Granted 360 acres. He sought an appointment in Tasmania in 1833 and he resigned his position in WA. The sale of his grant in WA fell through and the land was resumed by the Govt 1838 to cover deficits in his store-keeping accounts. Dep. 2.11.1834 per Eagle to take up an appointment as Police Magistrate in Tasmania. He visited WA 1858.

Rebecca and John Morgan are mentioned by G.F. Moore on the first page of his first letter written to his father in November 1830, as reproduced by editor Cameron in the Millendon Memoirs.

Berryman's census data has Morgan originating in Petersfield Hants.

References and Links

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