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Mary Ann Morrell

The earliest headstone recorded at Fremantle Cemetery is that of Mary Ann Morrell (1789-1832) at Anglican AA 1669. She died on 8 October 1832 and was buried in Alma Street Cemetery. Her remains were exhumed at the family's request on 20 October 1915 and re-interred at Fremantle Cemetery. It is thought (at least by Hitchcock) that hers was the first grave to be marked by a headstone.

Erickson has the name as 'Ann' only, not Mary Ann. Her maiden name was Thorpe. She arrived on the Eliza in March 1831 with only three of her six children (Erickson). The names of four of them (who were all in this state) were Richard, John, Frederick, and Annie (again, according to Erickson). After she died in 1832, John married again, to Eleanor Green. He died in 1843 in Northam. Eleanor married again, to John Slater.

The first grave to be marked by a headstone in Alma Street appeared to have been that of Mrs Mary Ann Morrell, the wife of John Morrell, who died on October 8, 1832. Hitchcock: 22.

MORRELL, John, b. 1786, d. 18.10.1843 (Northam), arr. 5.3.1831 per E1iza with wife & 3 chd. leaving 3 in UK. m. (UK) Ann THORPE b. 1789 d. 8.10.1832 (Frem), m. 2nd 22.2.1834 E1eanor GREEN, she m. 2nd 12.1844 John SLATER. Chd. Richard b. 1809 d. 1863, John b. 1812 to NSW 1835, Frederick b. 1820 d. 1899, Annie b. 1824 d. 1897. He brought servants. Granted 4,600 acres. To Tasmania & returned 19.1.1832 per Eagle.

Her son Richard Morrell was the artist who made the August 1832 sketch of the Fremantle township.

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