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William Mackie


William H. Mackie arrived in Fremantle 12 October 1829 on board the Caroline. He was Chairman of the Court of Quarter Sessions, and also Advocate-General of the Colony.

... William Mackie ... had graduated from Trinity College, Cambridge and been admitted to the Inner Temple in 1822. He had practised in India and was appointed for the new settlement even before Stirling. Mackie was to become one of the most highly esteemed of the colony’s early figures. Within weeks of arrival he was chairman of the new Court of Quarter Sessions and adviser to the government in all matters of law. Two years later he became the first Advocate-General and in 1834 Commissioner of the Civil Court, praised for his human qualities as well as his professional acumen. O'Brien & Statham-Drew: 14.

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Photo: Battye 5243P.

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