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Nic Perpitch

Nicolas Perpitch started out at the Fremantle Herald, and has worked as a broadcast and print journalist at The Australian, SBS and AAP in Perth and Sydney. He joined ABC News in Perth in 2014. He resides in Fremantle.

Local stories published

'WA coronavirus flight passengers from South Africa to be sent to Rottnest Island quarantine', ABC News, 30 April 2020.

'Arsonist on the run after setting fire to three police cars outside Fremantle station', ABC News, 2 March 2020.

Police say they're very confident of catching the person who poured accelerant over three marked police cars, completely destroying them, after a man was seen on CCTV footage carrying a fuel can at a nearby petrol station.
[He was soon apprehended and arrested.]

'Rottnest Island Army Jetty "poorly managed" before collapse which injured three, report finds', ABC News, 14 February 2019.

'Man dies after cliff jumping at Blackwall Reach into Perth's Swan River', ABC News, 15 January 2017.

The Roebourne story

The heart in the darkness
Roebourne has become notorious as one of the most socially dysfunctional towns in Australia, blighted by alcohol and drug problems, and rampant child abuse. But in the face of this, a group of people are fighting to save the Pilbara town from itself.

Telling a story no-one wants to talk about
Reporting on child sexual abuse in Roebourne was a difficult and sensitive assignment. It was one of the most sensitive cameraman Rob Koenig-Luck and I had been given: to lob into the Pilbara town of Roebourne, best known for generations of social breakdown and where John Pat died in a police lock-up in 1983, as complete outsiders from Perth, and ask people about child sexual abuse in their families and community.

Recent stories

'WA records ninth coronavirus fatality with death of 83yo woman, but no new cases', ABC News, 4 May 2020.

'WA Police rush into burning house to rescue boy trapped by fire in South Hedland', ABC News, 8 April 2020.

Possibly the best known photo of Nic Perpitch: the ABC reporter excluded from a One Nation election night event, 14 March 2017.


Nicolas Perpitch page on ABC News.

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