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Brad Pettitt

pettittDr Brad Pettitt was Fremantle councillor 2005-2009 and mayor 2009-2021. He was Dean, School of Sustainability (previously lecturer), Associate Professor, Sustainable Development Programme Chair, Murdoch University, 2005–2009

He was elected to the WA Legislative Council from 22 May 2021 as member for South Metropolitan.

His mother's ancestors, the Bashfords, arrived on the Caroline, 12 October 1829. Another ancestor, Charles Mountjoy, arrived as a convict via Adelaide, 18 July 1855.

The West Australian newspaper did a story on Brad's family history 23 Jan 2017. He put it here on his mayoral blog, and I'll republish it here in case that is removed.

References and Links

Excerpts from Rica Erickson, Dictionary of Western Australians 1829-1914, referring to Bashfords and Mountjoys >

References and Links

Dr Pettitt's entry in the Biographical Register of Members of the Parliament of Western Australia.

Demolished and Unbuilt: The Mayor's Alternative Fremantle History Cycle Tour, on his blog, 11 June 2017.

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