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William Robson

J.K. Hitchcock:
In the same ship [Edwin Fox] there arrived Robson, another criminal of much the same type of character [as Leopold Redpath], but lacking the charm and attractiveness of Redpath. Starting life as a lawyer's clerk, he ultimately became manager of the share transfer department of the Crystal Palace Co, and in that capacity defrauded the company of about £27,000. Having fled from arrest he was captured in Sweden, and subsequently sentenced to two terms of transportation of 14 years respectively. In Western Australia he was employed with Redpath in the Commissariat Department, and speedily secured his ticket-of-leave, as good conduct prisoners usually did. Apparently he left his good conduct behind when he was released from prison, as, soon after obtaining obtaining his liberty, he was found guilty of embezzlement, and reincarcerated. On again being released he gained a precarious livelihood by conducting a school and dabbling in literary work, but dissipation in the company of kindred spirits constituted his chief employment.

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