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Samson Family

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Lionel Samson, 1799-1878

Michael Samson, 1844-1907

William F. Samson, 1855-1900

Sir Frederick Samson, 1892-1974

Lionel Samson's family in 1856 in what John Dowson (2003: 11) claims is the 'oldest known Fremantle photograph': Lionel and Fanny (Frances Levy) Samson with their children: Caroline (b. 1845), Adelaide (b. 1847), Louis (b. 1849), and Elizabeth (b. 1850)—and one more girl. The eldest son Michael (b. 1844) was away at boarding school in Adelaide at that moment. The youngest child William Frederick was not yet born.

Three members of the family served as mayor: William Frederick (1892-1893), Michael (1906-1907), and another William Frederick, who was known by his second name as Sir Frederick (mayor 1951-1972).

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