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George Seddon

seddonProfessor George Seddon (1927-2007) was an Australian academic regarded as an expert in environmental planning, geology, literature and language. Seddon is most well known in Western Australia for his 1972 book A Sense of Place, and for Swan River Landscapes which brought public attention to the fragile Swan River Plain. In 1958, he played an integral role in saving the then rundown Fremantle Arts Centre from demolition. In 1993, he wrote A House, A Cottage and A Shop which focused on his award-winning restored High Street home, Lenaville. He also served on the City of Fremantle Library Advisory Committee in the early 1990s. Professor Seddon received numerous awards and taught at universities around the world. He was named Fremantle Citizen of the Year in 2001.

Fremantle Library image no. 5149, 1958, with this caption: George Seddon photographed at the old Lunatic Asylum, now Fremantle Arts Centre, during his campaign to save the historic building in the 1950s and 1960s. The buildings were being used by the Education Department but had been condemned by the Public Works Department and were scheduled for demolition. Professor George Seddon, Marshall Clifton, Ray Oldham, Town Clerk Noel McComb, and the Mayor, Sir Frederick Samson began a battle to save the building; which was aided in 1963 by strong support from the Chairman of the National Trust of Great Britain who pronounced the asylum "the best example of Colonial Gothic architecture in Australia today".

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